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Get an even more complete range of benefits by getting the complete Ancient Antidote CBD + Essential Oil salve bundle at a great discount.  This way you'll have a salve for any circumstance that arises.   Sometimes you may not want the menthol in the Achilles Heal on certain parts of the body but it's great for a sinus clearing chest rub.  Or perhaps you'd like to use the Hypnos Slumber for rubbing on your feet at night to help you get that deep rest you deserve.  If you don't like the lavender close to the face maybe you'll prefer the Ganesha Rise has a more musky masculine smell.   There are myriad uses for each of these products.   Use them intuitively as they are safe to use on any part of the body up to 3 times daily.  They can even be used together.  This is the ultimate combo pack for wellness in the body.        

WAS $165.00 NOW $110.00

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