Understanding the Different Forms of CBD

CBD has become a very popular treatment for many people suffering from a variety of different diseases and conditions. It comes in various different forms and has unbelievable benefits for physical, mental, and emotional health. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant but it does not contain any THC which is the portion that causes the “high”. So CBD is not addictive in nature and can be used for people of all ages with all different types of conditions. There are many different forms of CBD that can be used depending on the person's preference and the condition they are treating. Each of the forms affects people differently and each one varies in strength and duration of the effects. The trick is finding which form is best for you and your situation.


Oil is likely the most popular form of CBD since it is the most versatile. Many people confuse the difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil. This has to do with the legality of CBD products and how different states have varying laws on it. These products are essentially the same things and both have “hemp extract” as the main ingredient, but the names may vary depending on the laws. Oil is very versatile in the different ways it can be used. For example, CBD oil can be applied orally, in drinks, and cooked in food. Depending on how quickly you want the effects to set in and what conditions you're treating with it as well as your preference will depend on which application is best. 

Types of CBD Oil

Not only are there different applications of CBD oil there are also different types: isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum. CBD isolate is where there are no other hemp extracts in it and it is straight CBD. This type usually contains small amounts of THC and is the purest form of CBD. Full spectrum is where there are many different types of other hemp extracts including essential oils and more with the CBD. This type usually contains more THC than CBD isolate but the amount is so small, users will not experience a high. Broad spectrum CBD is best for users looking to avoid those trace amounts of THC. Broad spectrum does contain other hemp extracts but you can still pass a drug test. Unfortunately, these types are vague in description because the formulas vary depending on the production company. 


Everything can be made into pills- including CBD. This method of consumption does prolong the time it takes for the effects to set in, but the effect usually lasts longer. The capsules contain CBD and are swallowed just like any other pill, and provide effects for most of the day while it’s traveling through the digestive system. Depending on the dosage of each capsule, some people take one or two in the morning and night to give themselves a baseline. This form is ideal for patients seeking pain management and improvement to their overall health.  


There are many different types of CBD topicals including sprays, lotions, balms, bath bombs, salves, lip balms, and more. While topical forms do not enter into the bloodstream like the others do, topicals provide effects to the skin which can be very beneficial for those with muscle and joint pain. These can also target specific areas of the body whereas other forms target the body as a whole.


Tinctures are widely preferred for ingesting CBD oil. They are essentially an edible form that is applied under the tongue, allowing the product to rapidly enter the bloodstream and provide fast-acting results. Many companies offer tinctures in different flavors and dosages. Some even add melatonin to it for people needing help with sleeping better. The effects from tinctures while fast-acting usually last up to several hours before fading.


Inhaling CBD is another effective way to get benefits in a short period of time. This form gets the CBD to the bloodstream significantly quicker than any other form, however, it does wear off quicker as well. The biggest downside of using inhalation to consume CBD is the possible damage you can cause to your lungs. 


Edibles include anything you can chew that contains CBD. Gummies are a popular edible since they usually have no cannabis taste or smell. Edibles are very similar to capsules in terms of the strength and time the effects take to set in and to wear off. 

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