Benefits of USDA Approved Organic CBD

What qualifies a product as USDA Organic?

A product can be declared organic if it has been grown in soil that had no prohibited substances used for three years before harvesting. To qualify a product as a USDA Organic product, it must meet certain conditions. The certificate must obtain the term “NOP” or “USDA organic standards” on it.

What is NOP?

NOP is the abbreviation for National Organic Program. NOP is a federal regulatory program in the United States that ensures and enforces that all produce is consistently meeting the national standards for organically produced and grown agricultural products. 

What are Prohibited Substances?

Prohibited substances that can exclude products from being USDA Approved Organic include a majority of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. 

What are the Benefits of USDA Organic?

There are many benefits to using a USDA Approved Organic product instead of an unapproved organic product for the person using the product. Organic Agriculture also benefits the farmers and growers of these organic products. Here are a few of the ways USDA Organic products benefit the Agricultural field and individuals using these products. 

Reduces Erosion

Improves Soil Fertility and Overall Soil Structure

Maintains Soil Biodiversity

Minimizes the Exposure and Ingestion of Toxic Materials

No Synthetic Fertilizers 

No Pesticides or Herbicides 

Why is Organic CBD Important?

Using organic CBD without any toxins, preservatives, and additives can ensure that the products you are exposing yourself to or ingesting are safe for your body. USDA Approved Organic products such as USDA Approved Organic CBD are better options for the environment. Avoid ingesting harmful toxins that can be found in non-organic CBD. Chemicals genetically modified substances that are used in the growing process of non-organic CBD can extract natural, and essential nutrients from the soil.

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